Our Departments

Our School takes great pride in reinventing and renovating state-of-the-art facilities for Goenkans.
The School Departments are an exemplary arena where students learn, explore, experiment and enhance their objectives!

Students can develop their inventiveness through education. GD. Goenka offers its students an exceptional educational experience, taught by subject-matter experts who are passionate about learning. Every student at our school aims to be an effective professional, therefore we provide a wide range of disciplines to help them realize their goals.

Science Department

The Department of Science offers a wide range of fascinating courses in disciplines like biology, chemistry, and physics. Our academic staff actively participates in professional associations related to their areas of specialization. This not only guarantees excellent guidance but also provides our students with numerous opportunities to develop their scientific and creative skills.

Sports Department

Our well-trained instructors in the sports division work to maximize aspirational students abilities. By making sports a mandatory component of the curriculum, we encourage our students to live healthy lifestyles. Our learners develop leadership traits, interpersonal skills, and respect for health and fitness during their developmental years.

Mathematics Department

Through innovative methods, our mathematics department makes sure that students comprehend concepts and theories. Our curriculum is methodically created and revised annually to stay current and incorporate all the most recent ideas and equations.

Arts Department

Along with academics, our arts program supports our learners in the development of skills like creative expression, aesthetic appeal, and team cohesion. They discover their roots, grow spiritually, get rid of performance anxiety, and find artistic expression.

Language Department

The department of languages has the capabilities necessary to facilitate each students linguistic growth to reflect their identity, values, and life experiences both within and outside of the classroom. The department has a highly qualified faculty and offers its students a positive learning environment.

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