Learning at GD Goenka Public School takes place in our wholesome environment, surrounding our learners with nature, beauty and time to enjoy the outdoors. Together we learn, grow and explore thus laying the foundation for our future!

Our curriculum fully engages each child, nurturing and inspiring them as their unique gifts unfold. Our approach is unhurried, intentional, and deeply informed by our understanding of childhood and adolescent development. Academics are learned through experience and experimentation, not memorization. Days are filled with collaborative learning experiences, experimenting, creative works, art, drama and listening to stories. Our educators are dedicated to generating an inner enthusiasm for learning within every child.

When children are inspired to work together, collaborate, challenge themselves and try things their true selves shine. Our students are known for their creativity, problem-solving, and an unwavering sense that they can take action in the world. We invite you to partner with us to help your child in becoming their best self and finding their path in life!

Pre Primary and Early Primary School

(Nursery to Grade II)

At the Pre-Primary and early Primary years, the objective is to facilitate learning by creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for them to learn joyfully.
Teaching Pedagogy is child centric and activity oriented using numerous teaching aids: Power Point, flashcards, pictures, puppets, actual objects, storytelling, dramatization and role play, etc. The endeavour is to involve the children in the discussions, gently guiding them, eliciting the right answers.

Primary School

(Grade III to V)

The Primary School aims to inculcate foundational knowledge in various subjects in our young students. The focus is on reading and writing, language comprehension, math, critical thinking and inter-personal skills. The key subjects are English, Hindi, mathematics, EVS, art & craft, computer science and physical education. A third language (German, French, Spanish, Sanskrit) is added in Grade 5.
Learning reinforcement is provided through worksheets in every subject, and activity based teaching.

The Middle Section

(Grade VI to VIII)

The middle section aims to give a quantum jump to the knowledge assimilated in the foundation years and to further strengthen the basics of the student.

The subjects included in the curriculum in the middle section are:
  • 1. Three languages, English and Hindi being compulsory and an addition language from out of Spanish, French, German and Sanskrit.
  • 2. Apart from the languages the other subjects are Social Science, Mathematics, Science and Computer.
  • We take resource to various strategies to make their stay in the school fruitful and educative.

    A lot of emphasis is given to spoken English. Activities to polish their oratory skills are held and children are encouraged to think out of the box and enhance their creative abilities.

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